Weed control nonwoven fabric

Nonwoven Landscape Fabric is a strong heavy fabric, which allows it to be more resistant to tearing, puncturing and weed penetration.
Nonwoven Landscape Fabric for weed control, ground cover and planet protections
Nonwoven Landscape Fabric ISO 9001, CE certification.
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Non woven weed control fabric

Chemical-free, eco-friendly - Made from heavy polypropylene fabric, it controls chemical-free weeds, which can cause soil damage, dryness and poor plant nutrition

Weeds-block the preservation of flowers and vegetable garden Weeds, while allowing the soil to breathable, hygroscopic air to reach the plant roots.

Also provides a barrier to prevent evaporation and reduces nutrient immersion.

Reduce Watering Frequency

Suitable for Backyard Projects - Use landscape fabric for yard walking support, stop weeds, and do some erosion control on rain-washed slopes.

Also great for vegetable garden paths, green pine, below deck, playground area

Easy to install - easy to place, snug windproof.

Cut a piece of X into the fabric, place the new plant at the desired location, dig out a hole under the X, place the plant, and cover the roots with soil.

We provide you with 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, rest assured to buy;

Unconditional returns.

However, our Greatech Weeding Fabric/Weeding Fabric will impress you with its durability and reasonable price

Our Advantages

products meet international standard and well enjoy good reputation in USA, Canada, Austrilia, Uk, Poland and Japan. Data of Grab breaking loads , bursting strength, pucture resistance as well as UV protection test by deterioration by exposure to light, moisture and heat test shows that our products is 50% better than the average, we have engineer team and design team developing new products and design as per your requirements, we are so much reliable so that you can treat here as your own factory.

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