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High-grade breathable knitted fabric, environment-friendly sound insulation cotton, shock-absorbing high-density sponge, high-quality non-woven fabric with high breathability, strong wear-resistant non-woven fabric, balanced wear-resistant cotton, independent spring
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Spring Pockets Foam Inner spring mattress

KIWI SLEEP. In the busy city swim, more need to use the good dream every night to wake up the happiness of the new day

KIWI SLEEP. Carefully create each quality mattress for you and your family to completely relieve the fatigue accumulated during the day

KIWI SLEEP. Let your family embrace priceless dreams every night, energetic to face the healthy life every day

Kiwi Sleep. Is a professional mattress manufacturer headquartered in Auckland, North Island, New Zealand. Since its inception, we have been following the concept of nature to create the most original SLEEP experience for consumers.

All of its products are made of the highest environmental protection materials in the industry, and are infused with the most advanced production concepts and technologies from New Zealand and the United States, striving to create the most suitable mattress products for contemporary people's sleeping requirements

From New Zealand, looking around the world

North Carolina research and development center

New Zealand.Auckland.

Kiwi Sleep brand headquarters

Yueyang, China, Central China production base

Dongguan, China, South China production base

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.