Non-woven fabrics for automotive

PP nonwoven fabric,features as water resistant,high temperature resistant,light weight and durable.air permeable, cover/airfilter/seat pocket spring

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Nonwovens for automotive industry

Super resistance to wear and resistance

◆ Non-toxic, antibacterial, corrosion resistance

◆ Good air permeability and waterproof performance

◆ High tensile strength and tear strength, good uniformity

◆ Excellent processing performance and thermal stability

◆ No need for dyeing, more environmental protection, better color fastness

Nonwoven fabrics can be used for sound insulation, air filtration, heat insulation, enhancement and improved passenger comfort and reliability.

In addition to these advantages, it has been applied to automotive components since more than 40 years ago.

Nonwovens are also considered an economical material by many car companies because of their strength and durability.

As the use of nonwoven fabrics in automobiles grows, so does the competition among coil manufacturers participating in the market, and research and development efforts in this area are stepping up.

The requirements of automobile manufacturers have prompted the development of special non-woven fabrics. "These products are constantly improved and enhanced.

Newly developed processes and materials are paving the way for industrial nonwovens to continue to break through into areas traditionally dominated by woven fabrics. "Consumer demands for automotive nonwovens are primarily for low-cost, efficient filtering and sound-absorbing materials.

Carmakers are looking into using them to replace more costly materials such as leather seats.

Usually not noticed by drivers or passengers, with the continuous introduction of new vehicles with non-woven fabric.

Nonwovens are hidden under seats or carpets or sewn together with other fabrics for strength and durability.

Needled fabrics are a good alternative to leather for seats, says EdwardMerchlinski, general manager of industrial fabrics at Amoco Fabrics and Fibers, a supplier of needles. Needled fabrics are cheaper and easy to sew because they are easy to pull, glue and sew.

Nonwoven fabrics become stronger

Carmakers are increasingly aware that the environmentally friendly nature of nonwovens makes them a viable alternative to foam products in cars.

Compared with other materials, non-woven fabrics have environmental advantages.

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