Medical nonwoven fabric |

Mar 01, 2021

Medical nonwovens fabrics that are woven without spinning. They are physically bonded together, so you can't pull the thread out of the nonwovens when you glue them.

It has broken through the traditional textile principle, compared with the traditional cotton woven textiles, medical non-woven fabric has the advantages of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, non-combustion-supporting, easy decomposition, no stimulation, low price, recycling and so on, which is very suitable for the medical field.

Medical non-woven fabric, they are widely used in medicine can be used in the production of masks, surgical caps, disposable gown, the disposable bed sheets, maternal package, diapers, etc., placed medical non-woven fabric in outdoor, life is only 90 days, if you are indoors, naturally decompose in eight years, so belong to the new environmental protection material.

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