Agricultural nonwoven fabric |

Mar 01, 2021

Agricultural nonwoven fabric. It has the functions of heat preservation and energy saving, frost and frost prevention, dampness and disease prevention, shading and dimming, insect control and avoiding weeds. It is strong and durable, not easy to break and the use period is generally 3~4 years, and the use period can be up to 5 years when properly kept.

Water resistant, light resistant, breathable, light weight, easy to operate;

No release of toxic gas during combustion, not easy to stick and easy to keep;

Resistant to drug corrosion and resistant to deformation.

The performance characteristics of non-woven fabrics, and non-woven fabrics for crops, we have a look

Thermal insulation: because the transmission of long wave light of non-woven cloth is lower than that of plastic film, and the heat dissipation of night radiation area mainly depends on long wave radiation;

Therefore, when used as the second curtain and the third curtain, it can increase the temperature of greenhouse, greenhouse and soil temperature and have the effect of increasing production and income;

The average surface temperature increases about 2℃ on sunny days and 1℃ on cloudy days, especially when the temperature is low at night, the surface thermal radiation insulation effect is significantly weakened to 2.6℃, but the insulation effect on cloudy days is only half of that on sunny nights.

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